A GAME ABOVE allies with partners to create powerful working relationships that result in better customer experiences.

Where a customer experience solution will be better realized by working alongside market-leading partners, A GAME ABOVE have built relationships that matter.

A GAME ABOVE are partners with Beanstalk, makers of the market-leading solution for gambling cessation and harm prevention, Gamban

The joint-venture released its first product in July 2020: YieldSec

Yield Sec is a technical and advisory solution for government and regulators that caters to one essential across regulated betting and gaming markets: the provision of a protected, licensed marketplace.

YieldSec is the first effective tool to help regulators and government to monitor, police and enforce the licensed, regulated marketplace for betting and gaming, by removing black-market influence and instability, and preventing the failure to fund good causes and the outright theft of legitimate tax yield by illicit black market operators, through their websites and apps.

The dual targets all regulators can focus upon with Yield Sec alongside their mandate are simple: player protection and tax yield.

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A GAME ABOVE are partners with Wiraya, the leading customer activation software provider.

The joint-venture was announced in June 2020 and is a long-term strategic partnership to enhance customer acquisition, retention and reactivation solutions by packaging brand client products with A GAME ABOVE solutions and Wiraya’s powerful communications platform to increase customer relevance and effectiveness, across many industries.

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