We create, sell and operate customer sales promotions for your brand, product or service. These sales promotions - “stories” we call them - effect customer engagement, extend lifecycle and enhance lifetime value.

Our promotions literally provide a game above the flat transactional engagement most consumers experience with brands today, particularly online, transforming casual, single purchases into long-lasting, loyal relationships with your brand, products or community, whether online, brick and mortar or a combination of the two.

Make A GAME ABOVE promotions part of your marketing mix to create meaningful, branded customer experiences, for the long term.




All A GAME ABOVE customer sales promotions fit into one of five easy to understand themes.


Our against the clock promotions put customers to a decision. These time-based incentives, often with features such as the faster one responds, the more one wins or gains, work extremely well to make customers do something, right now, and embark upon a series of actions, and transactions, with one brand or product of choice, and in preference to competitors. In Gaming, too many offers, across brands, are the same. Most conform to being available 24/7 and are not believed or seen as credible by customers, such as 100% Deposit Bonuses. Shift the narrative away from incentives that are always available, towards offers that are gone in sixty minutes or less.


Champions promotions make customers the stars of your brand. Turn every product into a player versus player quest for the best, and feature several by-product championships across the year. We advise restricting the availability of Champions events simply because they are hugely popular – run them once per year, like real world sports events, and they will be accepted as challenges of skill, worth preparing and practicing for, and welcomed back as aspirational customer hobbies upon each seasonal return. Our Champions promotions will often carry Start Online, End Live features to drive filmed and photographed production to effect further engagement and relevance across social media, sharing and streaming platforms.


Days of the Week can become an overused promotional theme. Our themed promotions don’t aim to follow the same routines, week in, week out. For our brand partners, we seek to OWN certain days of the week with regularly occurring, branded customer events and incentives that gain, retain and maintain an audience. Formats and mechanics are adjusted weekly, and during the day itself, to keep customers captivated and logged-on frequently. Updates to surprise and delight are notified on-site and via customer service live chat, calls, emails, social media channels, influencers and affiliates.


When products or services are the same as, or similar to, those available from other brands, variety in the customer journey is key to creating and maintaining interest. Our Customer Actions promotions feature elements of gamification within even basic tasks - such as purchasing, depositing and registration. From the research studies we’ve conducted with customers, core desires include the simple acknowledgement, particularly online, of achievements, and the need for surprise and delight, across familiar processes through the customer journey. With betting and gaming products, for example, this need not necessarily mean winning big from sports picks or casino play - which they could do across many competitors - but making your brand stand out as one that acknowledges and rewards even simple tasks, such as logging-in or completing KYC processes.


The positive growth impact upon a brand’s market share by running one of our Specials cannot be underestimated. The average audience reaction to any A GAME ABOVE Specials promotion is best described as fire meets gasoline, and across our experience, we have built commercial confidence for brand partners when unleashing these customer experiences. A Specials promotion from A GAME ABOVE will launch and grow a brand, sell a particular product or vertical, realign market share and significantly impact the performance of content platforms. Our Specials will often carry start online, end live features allowing for filmed and photographed production that drives further engagement and relevance across social media, sharing and streaming platforms. For betting and gaming clients, whilst our promotions are always a game above the gambling, our Specials are the game show above the gambling.

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