Customer marketing.

What we do

We help you gain, retain & maintain players

We innovate and create unique campaigns, stories and solutions that give your audience meaningful experiences to make them customers.

We work to help you engage, convert, acquire, monetize and build lifecycle customer journeys with industry-leading low CPAs and high ROIs across the lifetime value chain.

We build campaigns, promotions and events for you that work on property, online and via an omni-channel, hybrid approach to unlock business across all the channels used by your audience.

Why are we hoping to work for you?

Our Concept

A unified marketing and promotional effort spanning land-based and online to boost GGR via a focus on cross-fertilization

Our Request

An opportunity to prove our concepts through a trial project applying promotions and campaigns to your brand, products & services using our unique, patented award-winning approach

Our Commitment

1) We will work jointly with your marketing department to deliver a measurable impact on GGR, online and land-based

2) Exclusivity within your market – conferring a competitive advantage

Market-making performance

Select experience of the team

With products built on desire, players need stories…

  • Consumers need experiences that create trial, return & repeat activity. We innovate the campaigns that justify those journeys.
  • We get to know your requirements, products, brand, community and service, and propose creative campaigns and player events that will add value across your business missions
  • Working together, we’ll propose and optimize solutions for your brand, product or service that will help you inspire and motivate your customers: We literally help you provide the game above the gambling
  • The customer experience solutions we innovate for you will add value across your products and service, and scale across your acquisition, retention, reactivation and revised CRM missions
  • Work with us to create stories for customers that
  • Effect engagement
  • Extend lifecycle
  • Enhance lifetime value

Delight audience,
demand decisions,
drive activity

Play, Earn, Return:

Inspire and motivate effortless loyalty

  • Change the marketing approach to positively impact bottom line revenue & profit
  • Gain, retain and maintain when customers play, earn and return across all channels – the “lifecycle loop”
  • Meet customers across all channels – on property, online and hybrid – with the same campaigns, benefiting all groups of players
  • Our Lifecycle Loop campaigns deliver lower CPA, higher ROI and long-term customer relationships. By working across the audience and upon all player segments, we motivate play-earn-return dynamics to produce sustainable, loyal and entertained customers

Customer marketing

Working with your team, we make the players the stars of the show(business)

Target success:

Inspire customers to increase revenue

  • Our Request
    An opportunity to prove our concepts to you through a trial project by applying our patented, unique and proven promotions and campaigns to your brand, products & services
  • Let’s choose a pilot project and test/measure/scale it over your business
  • Working with your marketing team, we research and create campaigns that count with solutions that harness your team and tech to effect customer and community engagement and activity
  • We enhance lifetime value and extend lifecycle whilst ensuring players are protected and all regulatory rules are respected
  • Player protection is always a part of the customer experience, overall – not an added extra
  • We innovate, optimize and deliver these campaigns and solutions alongside your team, creating a powerful sum of the parts, to make your customers believe and engage, reliably and repeatedly, to inspire loyalty and increase revenue

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